Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Take a look inside  your heart , what do you see?
Is it you and me ? 
Write a book  of words apart ,that i couldn´t speak,
so out  of reach , When i touch you  here i know ,
You`re all that  feels like home , no i could never leave you , Ever ...
Boy you know that I´ll be by your site forever ..
And you know why I´ll be by your site forever - FOREVER .
Now i´m riding on  a space train  out  to the moon , 
Wish that i could be somewhere  better with you , All i wanna do ...
He´s got a smile like candy at the fair  , Pure secret love just so there 
That i  die all the while  were not together ..
You allready  know  you are all that  i ever wanted for .
And i won´t  LET YOU GO !
Take a look inside your heart  what do you seem is it you and me ?

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